Here's a few pics from a wedding i did on saturday.
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Got a chance to a ride in a porche, so in return i took some photos of the beast...

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The Flare Project

OK, so my idea- inspired from the red arrows, i wanted the same effect but at night, and then this led to light trials, but i thought, what would be bright enough?then flares hit my mind. I knew this would be quite hard to come by, but fortunately we managed to get hold of some out of date flares, perfect.

It took alot of preparation, obviously this was a new idea, and i had know idea what was going to happen. We only had 4 flares, so 4 chances.

We attached the flare to decs board with duck tape, we had no idea what the flare would do. All the camera's were set up, dec was ready at the doc, the 1st flare was lit, the sky lit up bright red. Dec managed to hit the kicker before the flare went out.

So the 1st set of photos had been taken, light trails are so experimental, we needed lots of goes. But unfortunately we only had 2 more goes, as the 2nd flare, the pull string snapped.

3rd flare was lit, same again, still the photo was overexposed not knowing how bright the flare was going to be. So we had one last chance, i had my camera set for the last shot, dec was all set at the other side of the lake, waiting in pitch black on the boat, the flare had been set off, all systems go, dec not realising, was attached to a cleat, pulling the boat along, and then ripping his shorts clean off, which then made him fall off. After this we decided to call it a night... This is the best photo i ended up with, i plan to try this again, but with maybe a more reliable light source.

Then going on the red arrows, I might try smoke...

More to come...
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Jobe Photoshoot

i was commisioned to video the jobe team with the all 2010 gear, We spent 2 days filming at WakeMK and BoxEndPark. Good times
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