New Fisheye

Got my new fisheye today, love it, heres some photos i got today!



New Transfer Box

Hey Guys,

The new obstacle is in at www.boxendpark.com

Its awesome, here's some shots of Declan Clifford hitting it, check him out at (www.declanclifford.co.uk)


Shoot with Chloe Goudie


A couple weeks ago, i was asked to take some photos of chloe goudie for the alliance wake magazine, was quite pleased with the photos, chloe rode awesome! heres a few to look at for now. See the full article in the next alliance wake magazine issue!


First Gallery Showing


Hey... I recenty had my first gallery showing at the anglia ruskin gallery, school of art. I was very pleased to how it turned out, there were lots of supporters which was great, looking forward to the next one.

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